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Alright, guess it's time for me to make one if these now :la:
Sooo....I became a member of dA 6 years ago!! So I've been here for a while now xD started dA off with :iconfullhousekissrox:!!
I've certainly come a long way since I started out. You'll definitely be able to tell by my drawings compared from then and now xD but yeah...six years. Times of inspiration, times of absolutely hating my art, and then progressively getting better and eventually loving what I draw! I've gained confidence by my watchers and the comments I get for the time spent for the things I draw. I do work hard on the things I create, and it really means a lot whenever I gain new watchers or receive comments x3 makes me HAPPEH!! 
So I guess what I'm trying to say here is, thank you :D to my active watchers for taking the time to look at the things I create, for boosting my confidence to keep working on my art, and making me feel like my art is really worth looking at!!
Anyway, time for the art stuffs!!
Hmm...I started off here with drawing a lot of Fanart xD mostly Naruto and Death Note stuff actually. I'll give you a warning, those drawings from back in the day were terrible xDD
Lawliet by sanddemon12

Like this up here ^^^^ This is L from Death Note xD it looks pretty terrible. In my opinion at least.
L Lawliet by sanddemon12

I did this with charcoal...though I didn't make it smooth <xD I LEFT IT LIKE THAT BECAUSE I DUNNO. DIDNT KNOW HOW TO WORK CHARCOAL. But this one isn't too badly drawn actually xD
L Again by sanddemon12

THIS ^^^ THIS IS AWFUL. One of my very first drawings of L <xD YAY KID YEARS. I'm sorry to say that I actually deleted some of my first drawings on here because I was embarrassed <xD but don't worry!! I still have some!!
Cake by sanddemon12

I think this was the first one of my drawing that someone asked me for to add to their Death Note group/collection thing. I was really happy that day that someone liked it that much xDD this picture was also scanned!! XP we had finally gotten a scanner xD
Jack Spicer by sanddemon12
I was a big Xiaolin Showdown nerd a long time ago xD and Jack was definitely my favorite character xDD how could I not love this guy?
Toph by sanddemon12

Here's Toph Bei Fong!! Loved Avatar: The Last Airbender series xDD

ANYWAAAAYY....I'm sure you guys are tired of seeing all my old crappy stuff xDD I have definitely progressed a lot since these pictures. I'm glad I kept on trying, and didn't give up on my art. I've created so many new characters that I love, they're my babies xDD
Chibi Rokuubi and Nyu by sanddemon12

WOOO YAOI ART!! -dies- One of my oldest characters that I love very much, Roki!! (Dark-haired guy on the left). And his love, Niuubi!! :iconfullhousekissrox:'s character!! :la: good times writing with these two!!
As time progressed, I made a water dragon-like being named Nox, but I deleted the deviations of him because they were old and didn't like them anymore xD I PROMISE I'LL ADD THE NEWER ONES BECAUSE I MADE SOME.
Then there were the newer guys from the manga I plan on making. I'm sure my newer watchers have seen them as well!!Grim semi-chibi by sanddemon12

Doomed by sanddemon12

Stuffed Animals by sanddemon12

Feeding Terror by sanddemon12

They're mine by sanddemon12

I've done a lot of work for these guys, and I hope to make this manga a success!! I want my drawing skills to get better before I actually start though! Please be patient with me :(
Sooo...yep!! I've come a long way, and I'm always amazed by the artwork of many people on this website. I've seen so many different works by many different people over the six years I've been a member, and seeing their work encourages me to keep getting better too!!! I'm going to mention a few of the people who I believe are really awesome artists!! :D

:iconthesassyfox: is an amazing artist who has great artwork in her gallery!! Her work if definitely worth being checked out!! :D Ichigo vs Grimmjow by TheSassyFox
Honey Senpai!! by TheSassyFox

Attack on Titan!! by TheSassyFox

Absolutely fantastic work in her gallery!!! :iconiloveitmoreplz: Keep up the wonderful work, Sassy!! :hug:

Another great artist who I actually know in Le real world xD :icontheclaimedxxartist:!!!
Your drawings are figgin' amazing bro!! 
Ciel Phantomhive by TheClaimedXXArtist

The Undertaker by TheClaimedXXArtist

They're all so beautiful!! :iconlaplz: her gallery is seriously worth checkin' out!! X3

and then :iconstrogonoff:!! Love looking at all your deviations and really looking forward to seeing more from you!! :iconbrohugplz: :hug:
Arcanine - Pokemon by Strogonoff

Taka, the Young Native by Strogonoff

And :iconfullhousekissrox:!! Who helped me get through some tough times, and who helped me create so many lovely characters! She's the one who helped make the manga story a possible thing! A great big thank you to you for everything you've done for me! You're definitely an awesome person!! :D :hug: I WANTS TA SEE MORE DRAWINGS FROM YOOUUUU!!!Unforgettable Faces (Naruto) by fullhousekissrox
The Reflection of My Soul by fullhousekissrox

Birthday Grim by fullhousekissrox

Kalaray Uchiha chibified by fullhousekissrox

Im sorry I can't mention everyone, BUT YOU GUYS ARE ALL AWESOME. Thank you all so much for taking the time to look at my work. It really means a lot to me!! ^-^
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sanddemon12's Profile Picture
Sand demon
Current Residence: Under a rock
Favourite genre of music: Rock, metal, alternative, pop
Favourite photographer: Depends. I find a lot of beautiful photography xD
Favourite style of art: I like...fantasy stuff. Or cartoonish or anime or something related to those things xP
Operating System: ....
MP3 player of choice: Don't own one
Favourite cartoon character: Don't make me choose!
Personal Quote: WAAAAAT

Soo Uhhh here's a list of manga I'm reading xP
D. Gray-Man
Soul Eater
Kamisama Hajimemashita
Fairy Tail
Death Note(watched anime, reading manga now)
Rutta to Kodama
Ao no Exorcist
Tokyo Ghoul
(yeah there's not a lot <xD if you'd like to make suggestions please feel free to do so! :P)

PSN Name: GrimFolly998 I play Journey lots! XP it's my new obsession <xD

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